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As digital communications coordinator at the Carnegie Institution for Science’s Earth & Planets Laboratory (formerly the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism), I created infographics, videos, and other multimedia to communicate research on astronomy, geophysics, and geo- and cosmochemistry. My work has have been featured in the likes of The New York TimesThe GuardianThe Washington PostNational GeographicScientific AmericanPopular ScienceNature Geoscience, and Science.

Graphics and Illustrations


An animation explaining the discovery of Jupiter’s 12 new moon used as part of Carnegie Science Press Release “A Dozen New Moons of Jupiter Discovered, Including One ‘Oddball’.” Credit: Roberto Molar Candanosa, Carnegie DTM.
Scott Sheppard, the Carnegie DTM astronomer who led the discovery of 12 new moons of Jupiter, discusses his discovery. Credit: Roberto Molar Candanosa, Carnegie DTM.

Photography & Graphic Design