The weird physics of quantum materials. The origins and future of our planet. Ice losses in Greenland. I’m committed to telling the stories of science and the researchers pushing the boundaries of what is known.

I am a science writer at NASA’s Earth Science News Team, and I also cover the agency’s satellite observations and field research on ice sheets, glaciers, and other types of polar ice.

Learn more about me with this 4-min voice clip done as part of a previous project:

As a staff writer at Northeastern University, I covered labs and researchers working at the intersections of science, health, and engineering. I also have worked with some of the most accomplished minds at the Carnegie Institution for Science and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to explain esoteric issues about the natural systems that shape life on Earth and other planets. At Carnegie, I worked closely with planetary scientists to produce news, features, and multimedia that made national and international headlines.

My goal is always to demystify and contextualize scientific research for everyone reading—including the many different publics out there within and beyond the world of science and engineering.

I’m a bilingual writer who grew up in northern Mexico and got started in science communication after attending college in Texas. I hold a master’s degree in science and technology journalism from Texas A&M University.

rmolar (at) aggienetwork.com